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Ooks to Battle Bears in Charity Classic at Northlands

The NAIT Ooks hockey team and the University of Alberta Golden Bears men’s hockey team have announced on Monday that the two programs will be playing in a charity exhibition match called Face-Off 2017, at 7:00 p.m. on December 9th at Northlands Coliseum.

The meeting this December between the Ooks and Bears will be the 8th ever Face-Offgame, and the first since 1991. NAIT and The University of Alberta competed in seven charity games from 1984/95 through 1990/1991, six of which were held at Northlands Coliseum, and one at the Northlands Agricom. All previous charity games benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Edmonton, with this year’s game the first to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“We are extremely excited to be a part of the Face-Off series once again as this event has a strong history between the two schools. This event doesn’t happen without the joint partnership with the University of Alberta Golden Bears and the NAIT Ooks Men’s Hockey program,” says Ooks head coach Tim Fragle, who has represented NAIT five times against the Golden Bears in his career (twice as a player, three times a coach). “We are ecstatic about being involved in the charitable initiative in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. On behalf of the NAIT men’s hockey team, we would like to thank all the parties involved in helping resurrect the Face-Off event, and we hope to be a part of the event for years to come!”

Tickets for Face-Off 2017 are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Single seats will be available for $10 plus fees, while an ATB Team Ticket will be available for groups at $7.50 plus fees per ticket.

Twenty percent of the ticket revenue generated on Saturday will be donated to the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation in Edmonton, with the remainder going equally to the Golden Bears and Ooks men’s hockey programs.

“We always look forward to playing NAIT whenever the opportunity arises. Both programs have such a rich hockey history, and every game offers such high entertainment value,” says Golden Bears head coach Serge Lajoie, who played in three Face-Off games himself as a Bear (89, 90, and 91). “The opportunity to support the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation is extra special for us. We always encourage our players to be strong role models in the Edmonton community, around campus and provide guidance or support to less fortunate children. This game provides us with an opportunity to hopefully make a difference in a child’s life.”

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